Track Your Attendance Online

Students who are unsure about the absences they incurred can now just check their attendance online by clicking here.

The system is open to all, thus, parents can also keep abreast of their son’s/daughter’s attendance status.

Each class has its own sheet (indicated by its class code). Records shown listed by student number.

Attendance Policy: For classes that meet twice per week, a maximum of six [6] unexcused absences are allowed; for once/week classes, only three [3] are allowed. In terms of “lates”, three [3] are equivalent to one [1] absence. Those who exceed the equivalent of six [6] absences (i.e., even 6 absences and 1 late) will be “dropped” from class, receive a grade of “FA” (Failure due to Absences), and will have to repeat the class.