Student Life


E.S.A. is small tightly-knit community that has its own unique brand of student life that aims to enrich and enhance the overall development of students. Being involved in various activities, both co-curricular and extra-curricular, is an integral part of the E.S.A. experience.  

This is in line with the school’s philosophy that well-rounded learning necessitates making the world the classroom,

whether it be domestically or internationally. Students can choose from clubs and organizations that revolve around sports, outdoor, leisure, communication media, and social outreach. Majority of the numerous projects and events during any given term are actually conceptualized and implemented by students. 

Through such activities, all students are given an opportunity to apply and further develop their interests, skills, knowledge allowing for varying degrees of involvement as well. Similar to the academic programs, activities are also strongly characterized by collaboration and mentoring.





E.S.A.'s mission is to develop a new order (novus ordus in latin) of business professionals with an enlightened entrepreneurial spirit. Recently, some groups of students undertook some projects toward that goal.

One of the projects was called "Samaritan's Cup" (see Sports and Outdoors box), a basketball tournament for the benefit of the elderly. The other project was a an afternoon program for underprivileged kids at Hapag Kainan.

Hapag Kainan



Now on its 10th episode, The Teenpreneur Challenge - E.S.A.'s annual inter-school entrepreneurship competition - was once again a resounding success. In terms of sales, the top two teams generated well over Php100,000 for the weekend.

Teenpre 2015

Although there were some changes in final rankings and another newcomer made its presence felt, in the end all were able to achieve the greatest objective - helping uplift the communities of their product owners.

Preparations are already underway for the 2016 edition of the challenge, which is slated to be launched sometime July.

Learn more about Teenpreneur ...

Teenpre 2014 - Golden Faith



A group of students from the EXL3 (Experiential Learning 3) class are planning a hike to Mt Batolusong this May. The group's objectives are to unwind and bond with schoolmates as well as friends while also appreciating nature and 'rediscovering' more of the Philippines.

Mt BL Exl3

The mountain, which is just a couple of hours away in Tanay, has actually been growing in popularity among hikers over the last few years due to its proximity, beautiful scenery - with Kayibon Falls nearby - and moderate hike which novices and more serious hikers can enjoy.

The group will also have a brief orientation for first-timers in order to get more out of the experience. Those interested should consult the Office of Student Affairs for additional information.


Basketball, one of the favorite sports of students, is not only a means of staying in shape and strengthening the competitive spirit. A group of students from the EXL 5 (Experiential Learning 5 - Social Entrep Project) class organized a tournament for a charitable cause as part of their class requirements. In the end, everybody won in more than one way. Read more...

Samaritan's Cup


The annual assault on Mt Pulag is scheduled for this summer. Members are hoping to experience the near-zero temperatures once again as they reach the highest point of Luzon (and 2nd highest in the country). It will be another test of will against the mountain. But as previous groups conquered the mountain, so will this year's group. Read more...

Those interested in joining should inquire with Office of Student Affairs.

Mt Pulag Peak_3 (Apr2013)

Also in the pipeline for the Outdoor Club are wake boarding and/or snorkeling.


Frisbee is a popular sport on campus. Games are held every  Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Basketball court. Those interested are welcome to join.

Futsal, and a revival of mixed martial arts are being organized.



In keeping with E.S.A’s commitment to give back to the community, a group of students consisting of Derek Espinosa, Em Inserto, Francis Parado, Dodge Melicor and Miguel Felipe gave bowling a whole new twist when they came up with Fright Bowl.

Bowling for a Cause

Being the promising project that it was, the Halloween-themed bowling competition aimed to raise funds to donate to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). The 'bowlfest' was held at Paeng’s Billiard and Bowl Room in Eastwood.

It was indeed a great way to have fun and give a helping hand to all the fur babies at PAWS through the school's learning philosophy: experiential action learning.


Several groups of students implemented their carbon offsetting initiatives via tree planting projects in various areas within Metro Manila and Rizal. In the last couple of months alone over a thousand saplings have been donated, adopted, and planted by E.S.A. students themselves. More are planned during the next couple of months until summer. Those interested in joining the next ones should contact Office of Student Affairs.

Tree Planting 2014


The Stand Strong group made a generous contribution from their fund raising fun-run to the Cancer Warriors Foundation, Inc (CWFI).

Stand Strong Group

The group, consisting of [above, L-R] Gino Bantugan, Jason See, Mary Villanueva (CWFI Chairperson), Michelle Castaneda, Jason See, and Christine Peralta, are  immeasurably helping improve the lives of three children fighting cancer. Read more...