Why work hard for 3-4 years only to worry about looking for work after graduating? Why wait long to start recovering your investment in your college education?

Are you street smart? Do you like being in control and enjoy starting up things?

Take entrepreneurship to "have your cake and eat it too" by starting your own business before graduating.

Alumni Features

Ever wonder what happens to the entrepreneurship students after they graduate? Here are some of updates on a couple: Jerald Em (started out in handicrafts), Rodell Lacuata (started out in manpower services), Lop Ponciano (started out with a memorial park), and Rald Santos (started out with a canteen).

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The BS Entrepreneurship program is an intensive three-year program conducted over nine (9) trimesters covering the Core Curriculum, Essential Business and the Venture modules.

The program prepares students to start and eventually manage their own business during their final year of study. To graduate, the student-entrepreneurs must demonstrate that their businesses are not only operationally sound but also profitable.


  • Students start and run their business in their final year
  • Every start-up venture attains profitability before graduation
  • Mentors guide each student to help ensure profitability
  • Hands-on or applied method
  • Integrates life-skills and personal development 



The program has four stages: Orientation & Exposure, Scanning & Filtering, Planning & Initiation, and Managing for Growth. Throughout  the stages, students undergo the Entrepreneurial Formation Program that focuses on building life skills and overall personal development.

The Orientation and Exposure stage provides students with general overview of entrepreneurship and business concepts while applying them in various minor projects.

The Scanning & Filtering stage makes students go through the key process of identifying and evaluating opportunities that best match their individual objectives, interests, capabilities, and resources.

After identifying opportunities, the Planning & Initiating stage guides students in formulating an appropriate business model and a full business plan for it - this becomes the blueprint for the subsequent launch of the student-entrepreneur’s own start-up venture in the final year.

In the final stage, Managing for Growth, students are mentored to navigate the crucial survival stage of their start-up and subsequently pursue its growth.


The Entrepreneurship program has produced and graduating student-entrepreneurs since 2006 with each one successfully launching and managing their own profitable start-up venture before graduation.

The biggest and most challenging question that most of the entrepreneurship students have struggled with initially has been "what business should I put up?" For some the answer came quite easily and naturally while for others it entailed some serious soul searching with the help of their mentors.

The subsequent success these young entrepreneurs achieved in the face of all the adversities have fueled their drive to want to do more. For some it could even be described as 'intoxicating'.

Most graduates have continued the businesses they started up as students well past graduation. Many have gone on to establish other businesses soon after graduation, many times with fellow E.S.A. alumni. Below are some examples and updates on some of the students who are still 'at it'.


He started out in handicrafts - after considering goat farming - and was quite successful by graduation. After creating souvenirs for clients such as KLM, he moved on to creating a great deli experience in BGC, and quite naturally, catering. Then he decided to create better breads. Read more about how Jerald Em went from one creation to the next.

What started out as a happy accident of sorts became a thriving business that also helped others get better employment by improving their professionalism. Read more about how Rodell Lacuata got into a mercenary-like profession, developed quite a new category, and later went on to help expand the family business.

This student initially struggled to figure out what business to put up, as did most of her classmates. She initially looked into creating a new kind of study center for students like her but twists and turns led her to setting up a memorial park before graduating. After so many challenges, the business did well and she decided to cater to the 'living' for her next business move. Read more about the journey of Lop Ponciano.

Although starting out in the food industry, a canteen to be precise, this student knew he would end up going back to his family's routes: transportation. Learn more about Rald Santos' story.

More updates to come soon. One thing's for sure, it seems hard for entrepreneurs to stop once they get going.