B.A. Communication Arts


Work for a PR-Advertising agency, media company, or in Corporate Communications of a business organization for your final year internships. Complete your program with a final project that entails seeking out clients, understanding their communication needs, conceptualizing solutions, 'pitching' and actually producing them. Have a portfolio to show prospective employers or set up your own agency.

Alternatively, acquire key skills and knowledge in the digital film industry and produce a digital film, documentary, or marketing video in your final year of study. Develop a movie concepts and seek out producers to fund your film or evaluate an actual client's needs, conceptualize solutions, and produce a marketing video or documentary to fulfill the such needs.


E.S.A.'s BA in Communication Arts (Mass Comm) degree program is for individuals who wish to express and develop their creativity with a focus on mass media while also learning the crucial business perspective. Graduates will be able to provide a key link between the creative and business aspects of communication.

  • Students can focus on PR & Advertising or Digital Film
  • Option to finish a foreign degree overseas
  • Includes a 480-hour internship
  • Last 6 months entails dealing with actual clients/markets
  • Capstone project requires addressing client's needs
  • Very hands on and applied
  • Integrates personal and life skill development


Below are two videos made by E.S.A Communication Arts students. The promotional video on the Communication Arts program is one of a series of four videos produced by a student as her final project. The music video was a group's project for a video production class. The video ended up as the winning entry in a popular band's music video making contest.