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Summer Term Starts April 19; Summer Enrollment on April 5

Posted in News on March 24, 2017Al Feliciano

The Summer Term ST 2017 starts on April 19, 2017 Wednesday. Enrollment for Summer Term ST 2017 is on April 5 and 6 (Wed & Thurs) For those who wish to graduate July please see Academics for Advisement

TRANSFER STUDENTS are Welcome to Start Summer Term and June Term 2017

Posted in News on March 4, 2017ESA Acad

Currently accepting applications for Summer term and June term for freshmen and transfer students.

The application requirements are as follows:

  • Application Form (which can be filled out online here)
  • Other documentary requirements (listed on application form)
  • Entrance Exam

Those interested in taking the exam and should get in touch with the Admissions Office at (02) 638-1188, or (+63) 999-885-9226 or refer to the Admissions Page.

Open House Entrance Exams Daily!

Posted in News on February 20, 2017Al Feliciano

Congratulations Freshmen and Highschool graduates and transfer students! ESA welcomes Applicants for Summer Term and June 2017 Intakes, we currently hold  open house, Entrance Exams and Interviews Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 5pm. Please call Admissions at 638-1188 or text your name to +639998859226. We will call you back for confirmation.

Teenpreneur 2017

Posted in Others on February 9, 2017Gwynne Bondoc

Congratulations to the 2016-17 Teenpreneur Challenge winners!

The schools that topped this year’s challenge were: read more…

Student Startup: TimberGold Organics

Posted in News on February 9, 2017ESA Acad

Timbergold Organics was set up last year and offers a variety of beauty products such as organic soaps, organic shampoo, lotions, face cream, lip balms.

Alumni Features

Posted in News on April 19, 2016ESA Acad

Ever wonder what happens to the entrepreneurship students after they graduate? Here are some of updates on a couple: Jerald Em (started out in handicrafts), Rodell Lacuata (started out in manpower services), Lop Ponciano (started out with a memorial park), and Rald Santos (started out with a canteen).

Bon voyage – foreign degree student

Posted in News on February 27, 2016ESA Acad

Bon voyage to Julius Topacio who recently left for Singapore to complete his degree there.

After doing his first two years at E.S.A., Julius is now completing his Northumbria University (UK) degree, a BA (Honours) in Business with International Management. Completing the degree will take 16 months. Read more...

Business Opportunity Scanning

Posted in News on February 24, 2016ESA Acad

Take the first step in starting out your own business (or expanding an existing one). Take the Business Opportunity Scanning (BOS) course which will start in April.

Track Your Attendance Online

Posted in News on January 9, 2016ESA Acad

Students who are unsure about the absences they incurred can now just check their attendance online.

Student Startup: Frippery

Posted in Others on January 9, 2016ESA Acad

Frippery is defined as “showy garment or something that is non-essential.”

In this case, Frippery represents what is essential and stands out from other clothing brands because of its simplicity. The brand only sells plains – the clothes are just in white, black, beige, navy blue, cream or other neutral colors. The brand consciously moved away from the trend of printed clothes. I believe that every woman’s wardrobe needs these “plain” clothes. 

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