Entrance Exams

The upcoming Entrance Exam and Open House are ongoing for all HS graduates and college freshmen.  The April Term is open to all transfer students. Interested applicants may come in Monday to Friday, between 830 am – 5 pm. Please call us at 638-1188 or text your name to +639998859226 and we will call you back for confirmation.

The Entrance  exams are open to both incoming freshmen applying for June 2016 entry and transfer students.

The Open House will have a presentation about the school and its programs. It will also allow prospective students and their parents to meet and interact with some of the students and/or faculty.

The Entrance Exam is one of the application requirements, the complete list of which is as follows:

– Application Form (which can be filled out online here)

– Other documentary requirements

– Entrance Exam

Those interested in taking the exam and attending the Open House should get in touch with the Admissions Office at (02) 638-1188, or (+63) 999-885-9226 or refer to the Admissions Page.