Term Activities and Events

Various activities are planned for this Jan-Mar term (T1-16) by Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and clubs/orgs. The highlight of these activities are the intramural games, more popularly known as Dragon Cup, which starts on the 2nd week of February.

The annual ‘Eo’ – one of the key activities of E.S.A.’s unique entrepreneurial spirit formation program – will also be held in February.

On the social responsibility front, there are a couple of activities aimed to benefit orphanages and homes for the aged. There will also be carbon-offsetting projects for those who are interested.

Midterm exams are slated to start February 10 while Final Exams begin April 4.

Additional information is available at OSA. Students can also get updates via the school’s Twitter and Facebook pages as well as the Calendar or Events page.