The Entrepreneurs School of Asia follows a three-semester academic calendar, which also has in addition, a short summer semester.

The academic year begins with the June-August Term, internally referred to as “T2” (being the 2nd full term of the calendar year).

The next is the September-December Term (“T3”), which is then followed by the January-March Term (“T1”, the first term of the calendar year).

The brief Summer Term ("ST"), which runs Apr-May, completes the academic year.


JAN-MAR TERM 2018 (T1-18)
Dec 20-22      Enrollment for T1-18
Jan  3               Start of Classes
Jan 10              End of Load revision
Feb 5 to 10       Start of Midterm Exams
Feb 26               Last day for Module Withdrawal
Mar 1-3             EO Camp
Mar 26 to 28   Start of Final Exams
Apr 5 to 6         Enrollment Summer Term 2018

September Term Starts on Sep 25; Enrollment Starts Sep18

The Term 3 starts on Sep 25 Enrollment for Term 3- 2017 is on Sept 18 and 19 New Students may now Pre-enroll and...

TRANSFER / FRESHMEN STUDENTS are Welcome to Apply for

Currently accepting applications for September term, open to  freshmen and transfer students.


Entrance Exams Daily for September Term

Congratulations Freshmen and Highschool graduates and transfer students! ESA welcomes Applicants for September Term...

Teenpreneur 2017

Congratulations to the 2016-17 Teenpreneur Challenge winners!

The schools that topped this year's challenge were: 

Student Startup: TimberGold Organics

Timbergold Organics was set up last year and offers a variety of beauty products such as organic soaps, organic...

Alumni Features

Ever wonder what happens to the entrepreneurship students after they graduate? Here are some of updates on a couple:...

Bon voyage – foreign degree student

Bon voyage to Julius Topacio who recently left for Singapore to complete his degree there.

After doing his first...

Business Opportunity Scanning

Take the first step in starting out your own business (or expanding an existing one). Take the Business Opportunity...

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SUMMER TERM 2018 (ST-18)
Apr  5 to 6       Start of Enrollment for ST-18
Apr 16              Start of Classes
Apr 18              End of Load Revision
May 4-5            Start of Midterm Exams
May 15              Last Day for Withdrawal
May 16 to 18    Enrollment for T2 -2018 June term
May 30 to 31    Final Exams
JUNE - AUG TERM 2017 (T2-17)
May  17 to 19    Start of Enrollment for T2-17
Jun 19                  Start of Classes for T2-17
Jun 26                 End of Load Revision
July 24 to 29      Midterms
Aug 10 to 12       Dragon Camp
Sep 12 to 14        Final Exams