The Entrepreneurs School of Asia follows a three-semester academic calendar, which also has in addition, a short summer semester.

The academic year begins with the June-August Term, internally referred to as “T2” (being the 2nd full term of the calendar year).

The next is the September-December Term (“T3”), which is then followed by the January-March Term (“T1”, the first term of the calendar year).

The brief Summer Term ("ST"), which runs Apr-May, completes the academic year.


JAN-MAR TERM 2017 (T1-17)

Dec 21    Enrollment for T1-17 (until Dec 22)

Jan  4      Start of Classes

Feb 8       Start of Midterm Exams

Mar 3-4   Open House and Admissions Entrance Test

Mar 8       Last Day for WP**

Mar 29     Start of Final Exams (until Apr 7)

** WP = Withdrawal with Permission (from classes)

SUMMER TERM 2017 (ST-17)

Apr  5 to 6     Start of Enrollment for ST-17 (until Apr 11)

Apr 19           Start of Classes

Apr 21           End of Load Revision

May 4-5        Start of Midterm Exams

May 15          Last Day for WP**

May  26        Start of Final Exams

** WP = Withdrawal with Permission (from classes)

JUNE - AUG TERM 2017 (T2-17)

May  17 to 19    Start of Enrollment for T2-17

Jun 19                 Start of Classes for T2-17

Jun 26                End of Load Revision