Alumni Features

Ever wonder what happens to the entrepreneurship students after they graduate? Here are some of updates on a couple of the entrep alumni.

He started out in handicrafts – after considering goats – and has since moved on to a deli/resto, catering, and a bakery. Read more about how Jerald Em went from from one creation to the next.

What started out as a happy accident of sorts became a thriving business that also helped others get better employment. Read more about how Rodell Lacuata developed a new category and went on to help expand the family business.

From a conceptualizing a new type of study center to eventually an actual memorial park, then on to wellness, read more about the challenges and successes of Lop Ponciano.

To ultimately keep true to his family roots and move back to the transportation business, Rald Santos eventually gave up his canteen venture. The challenges have been greater, but he is loving it.

More updates to come soon. One thing’s for sure, it seems it’s hard for entrepreneurs to stop once they get going.