THAMES Foreign Degree Track


Why spend your entire college life just in the Philippines? Learn in and from the world by completing your degree abroad and graduate with a prestigious foreign degree. In the globalized world of business and media, those who have international exposure and links will have an advantage.

Students need not spend 3-4 years studying overseas. The Thames track allows students to start off at E.S.A. then transfer overseas where they can finish their studies.

The Thames foreign degree track has, for over ten years, been enabling students to finish undergraduate degrees at universities in the United Kingdom, Australia and  other countries.

The foreign degree track has given students the option by greatly reducing the barriers, including significantly simplifying the process of selecting and applying to overseas universities.


  • Students do their first two years at E.S.A. and simply transfer to a university overseas to complete their degree in even just one year
  • The Thames track greatly simplifies the transfer process for students
  • E.S.A. assists in selecting universities as well as programs and by liaising directly with those institutions on behalf of  the students
  • Students simply fill out the university's application form; no entrance/transfer exams required
  • Overseas options include the United Kingdom (London, Newcastle, Birmingham, Bristol), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth), New Zealand, Singapore, and parts of North America



Instead of shouldering the cost of 3-4 years of studying overseas, those in the Thames track only need to cover their final year of study overseas. This effectively reduces the cost by as much as 2/3. Those students who have also excelled may have a chance at receiving a scholarship for the final year overseas which would further reduce the costs.

Parents also need not worry about letting their sons/daughters go ‘too early’ since the first two years of study will still be at E.S.A.

By studying overseas, students will also broaden their horizons and be able to develop a valuable international network even by merely  interacting with people of various cultures and nationalities. Students will also learn to be more independent.

E.S.A. has been sending students overseas since 2002. Many have gone on to take their graduate studies immediately after finishing their degree while others began their international career in the country they graduated.